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This blog, like nature, is constantly evolving. We’ve used about 10 different templates, I’ve changed my writing style double that number of times, and we’ve had an ever-changing status on comments- we’ve turned it on and off periodically until shutting them off entirely.

Your positive contributions, suggestions, or greetings are welcome. If you have any ideas for science or science history posts you’d like to see, write them in the comments; We’d gladly take them into consideration when scribbling out these posts.
Join on us on the adventures that lie ahead!

It’s an amazing world of science…let’s go exploring!

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  1. Eric says:

    Excellent! Comments are back! I know when my boys ask me questions that are science related and I answer them for the blog, I tend to get into the history of it as much as the science of it. How steam trains work, why we take antibiotics, radiowaves, etc… I find it fascinating to see where ideas began how they’ve evolved over time with more and more researc and advances in technology.

  2. Faraday's Candle says:

    Thanks for the awesome comment.
    These are useful suggestions.
    Antibiotics have become such a touchy subject since the antibiotic resistance issue has “really” come to light.

    Thanks for stopping by💉💊🔬

  3. I am so so pleased comments are back on.. I am no scientist Lol.. but love to read your posts.. And will gladly give feedback when I spot them..
    Love and Warm hugs to you
    Sue xx

  4. Faraday's Candle says:

    Neither are the girls…lol.
    They just love science & would love to go into the field.
    All these kids could use a lot of support now.

    Thank you so much for stopping by Sue✨

  5. Excellent! I look forward to seeing the new direction!

  6. Faraday's Candle says:

    Thank you so much Sarah🐶

  7. Anonymous says:

    It’s great to see the comment section is open again. Its always a refreshing break from regular povetry and

  8. Hargun Wahi says:

    It’s great to see the comment section is open again. Its always a refreshing break from regular fiction or memoirs. I love the amazing facts you guys keep exploring and sharing.. I’ll try to give suggestion as and when I hit on something..
    The really liked the quote you shared here ..happy blogging!

  9. Faraday's Candle says:

    Thank you so much for your continual support🌸 Happy blogging🌸

  10. Faraday's Candle says:

    Thank you.
    Enjoy your day🌸

  11. Anonymous says:

    Cheer to science, +1 for promoting science. It is not only to spread knowledges but also support open mind attitude and facts are based on supporting proofs.

  12. Faraday's Candle says:

    Thank you for stopping by.

  13. ann says:

    Hey! Comments are back on. It has been a while! There has been many times I wanted to comment and then realise I couldn’t. Love the quote and looking forward to your science adventures. 🙂

  14. Faraday's Candle says:

    Thank you so much for your support!
    Feedback has been helpful🔭

  15. AmyRose says:

    It is not easy to keep up with comments but I am pleased to again see you over at Petals. I’ll do my best to contribute as much as I can. I’ve changed templates and colors and fonts. I’m always looking for something to says “me” when I’m at a new level. I like the “new” look here. 🙂

  16. Faraday's Candle says:

    Absolutely. the small changes are what keeps you motivated!
    Thank you so much for your support and stopping by.

  17. HI I’m new to your blog. I’m interested in learning new things.
    I’m retired from education field. I have time to explore things. I found you from Jason’s blog. I’ll subscribe and leave you my link.

  18. Leyla Garza says:

    Great Blog 🙂 looks lovely

  19. Greetings! Would be interesting to see posts about the origins of science and scientific thought–and how those ancient philosophers speak to developments today.

  20. Evolution is a good thing! My blog changes as well! 🙂

  21. Faraday's Candle says:

    It has changed beautifully!

  22. Faraday's Candle says:

    That is an amazing concept.
    We’ll look into it.
    Thank you so much

  23. Faraday's Candle says:

    Thank you so much.
    Your photography is amazing.

  24. Faraday's Candle says:

    How wonderful to meet you.
    I see you also enjoy going to National Parks=Americas greatest idea.

  25. Maria says:

    I do like that you turned the comments back on!! It is more engaging to be able to comment on things you like! Keep it up.

  26. Faraday's Candle says:

    Thank you Maria.
    You are an amazing photographer & we enjoy your wonderful posts.
    Will you be teaching your daughter about photography?

    Well thank you for stopping by!

  27. Faraday's Candle says:

    life is a learning experience.

  28. Comments are definitely Engaging. 🙂

    I have always enjoyed reading your posts.. 🙂

  29. Faraday's Candle says:

    Thank you so much.
    Your support has always been appreciated.

  30. I love the look of the blog and am delighted to see comments back on. Sending you love from Thailand.

  31. Faraday's Candle says:

    How exciting to see that you’re still traveling & doing things other people only dream about.
    So nice to see you stop by.

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